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San Domenico is located in the northernmost part of Piedmont, in a valley of the Lepontine Alps that is wedged with an evocative succession of ridges, woods and lakes in southern Switzerland.

An alpine hamlet of the Municipality of Varzo, San Domenico is located at 1,420 m above sea level on a plateau nestled between the mountain slopes that delimit the Val Cairasca, a side valley of the Val Divedro in turn part of the Val d’Ossola.

San Domenico is one of the last places in the entire Alpine arc where it is still possible to “experience” the mountain in its essence without excesses and without artificiality. The undisputed dominator of the places is in fact the nature that with its spontaneity offers itself generous and almost uncontaminated in every period of the year.

There are numerous activities that allow both in winter and during the hot summer months to get in touch with nature and fully experience its magic: from sliding on the snow-covered slopes of Alpe Ciamporino to long walks in the whitening woods; from hiking on the trails of one of the most evocative natural parks of all the Alps to simply resting in the tranquility of the village in summer.

An experience to be lived!


Snow-covered slopes and imposing peaks


The white of the snow and the blue of the sky surround this unique experience
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Enchanted landscapes and green pastures


Luxuriant nature and pure air for your relaxation in the open air
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GENUINITY in its pure state

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Nature is the protagonist in all seasons. The alpine context in which San Domenico is inserted with Alpe Veglia has few equals over the entire Alpine arc

The landscape views visible from San Domenico are worth the entire holiday. The higher you go, with the lifts or during excursions, the more you are amazed by the unique and always different views

One of the snowiest resorts in the Alps where you can practice downhill skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, snowshoeing and many activities on the snow in winter. In summer, instead, trekking, mountain biking, running and much more, all in the presence of natural landscapes and glimpses to steal the heart

Once in San Domenico you forget the car: the small hamlet offers everything at your “foot”. From the clubs to the ski lifts, from the slopes to the hiking trails, everything is accessible on foot. And it is immediately a holiday

From San Domenico it is possible to organize different trips every day in less than an hour by car: from Lake Maggiore to Switzerland, from Val Formazza to Domodossola. Multiply your vacation


a land to discover

Val Divedro , in which San Domenico is inserted, represents a naturalistic and cultural treasure to be discovered! An unexpected surprise made of nature, with the Natural Park of Alpe Veglia and Devero, and ancient villages of medieval origin are the elements of an area that amazes.

The park

San Domenico is located at the entrance to the Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park . A real jewel not only of the Western Alps, but of the entire Alpine arc.

A succession of larch forests, streams, lakes and majestic peaks that will literally leave you breathless. A surprise that enchants those who visit it for the first time and that never tires those who frequent it assiduously.

A paradise for lovers of unspoiled nature and outdoor activities


With its pretty medieval village, Varzo is the municipality of which San Domenico is a fraction.

Here, between one paved alley and another, it is possible to breathe the typical atmosphere of the past years. Time seems to have stopped and the sound of the stream that crosses the town testifies to an ancient bond with nature.

From here once began the climb to reach Alpe Veglia, a land rich in pastures where many of its inhabitants drew sustenance.

A visit to Varzo is an all in the past that deserves to be experienced.


Val Divedro is mostly known for the Simplon , one of the main Alpine passes and in particular for the Simplon tunnel which runs right under San Domenico and the Monte Leone massif.

An epic work created in the early 1900s and which still today, with its almost 20km of tunnel , connects the north and south of the Alps, transporting travelers and goods.

unexpected surprise



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